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Mini Location Tour 2019

At the Ostrava Kamera Oko festival, Thursday afternoon was dedicated to discovering the unique locations of Ostrava. We took the international group of filmmakers, including this year’s headliner French camerawoman Irina Lubtchansky, to see places that would otherwise surely have gone unnoticed. The common link between all the settings we visited, brownfields and former coal mining sites, was that they could be potential shooting locations. The filmmakers were thus able to discover the genus loci of the former Jan Šverma coking plant, the former Heřmanice mine complex, including the unique interior of the showers, as well as the Heřmanice pond, which could without any exaggeration portray an Asian site in a movie. A big thank you to the companies OKK Koksovny, Diamo and Asental for their cooperation and for making these locations accessible to us!


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