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Romantic Small-Town Nooks


The labyrinth of narrow streets, mysterious legends and wooden folk architecture is what makes Štramberk a sensational and surprisingly not yet exploited destination for the filmmaker. 

Štramberk, heralded by its dominant Trúba tower, is a truly unique place – the small area unites rich history and beautiful nature with extensive available services and amenities.

Filmmakers could especially be attracted to the town’s more hidden areas – the surrounding hills offer pretty views, as does the Šipka cave or the former limestone mine with its botanical garden – the so-called Horní Kamenárka.


The legendary Metráček was filmed here at the beginning of the 1970s. Several decades later, the streets of Příbor served as a romantic backdrop to the very successful South Korean movie Ode To My Father (2014).

The birth town of Sigmund Freud has a historical center, old narrow streets with the classic stone pavement, a medieval town square with townsmen houses and arcades, offering many mystical and romantic nooks.

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