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Financial support for filmmakers in the Moravian-Silesian region

The Moravian-Silesian region will support filmmakers, who chose its locations to shoot their films. Our region designated a total of five million Czech crowns for the creation of documentaries, movies or TV series. This support is meant to locally foster the art of filmmaking, maximize the benefit for the region, help improve its image, and encourage tourism. It should also incentivize the wider utilization of the unique Moravian-Silesian locations, skillful people and atmosphere we are proud to offer. We accept proposal submissions from October 1st to October 15th. You may find all of the necessary information at:

“When shooting on site, film crews spend several times the amount they had received in grants. The fact that they must expend at least twice what had been given is often a condition for receiving the grant. The filmmakers may use the money to rent locations, local services, professionals, equipment or extras. That means the support is related mostly to the actual costs of taping in the region, rather than preparation or post-production,” says Jan Krkoška, the Deputy Governor of the region.

The region cooperates on a new program with the Moravian-Silesian Film Office, which started its operation in 2011. Two years ago it became part of the destination tourism agency called Moravian-Silesian Tourism. The film office functions as the contact liaison for all incoming productions. Its employees help determine appropriate locations, facilitate site visits, and assist with the organization of local services of all kinds, while also negotiating with local authorities. The film office’s goal is to ensure local services are utilized as much as possible.

The presence of film crews adds to the region’s positive PR and may be used to the region’s advantage in terms of marketing. “The Moravian-Silesian region has tremendous potential in terms of people and locations; all of the visiting crews agree with this. Much of the business is lost, however, due to the region’s distance from Prague, where the Czech film industry is concentrated. This is one disadvantage the local financial incentives try to offset in order to attract projects that are truly interested in Moravian-Silesian locations and atmosphere, instead of settling for worse location, which are closer to Prague,” concludes Hana Vítková, head of the Moravian-Silesian Film Office.


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