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The Film Office at Focus London

On December 3rd and 4th, the Moravian-Silesian Film Office participated in the London FOCUS fair, the only independent location and production market in Europe. The Location Guide staff offered participants from over sixty countries the possibility to meet film committees from around the world, initiate contact with production companies and other service suppliers, and of course procure any news about the incentive systems in the represented regions.

The Czech Film Commission also had its stand at the fair this year and shared it with several regional film offices, including the Moravian-Silesian one. The filmmaker visitors were mainly interested in the Czech incentive system, but were also intrigued by the functioning network of film offices in the individual Czech regions. Some regions actually have financial means to support filmmaking on their locations. The Moravian-Silesian Region is among them. That means that besides the unique locations and human potential, we could also present the possibility of financially supporting incoming productions, which pays off not only because of the crew’s local expenditures that exceed the grant several-fold, but also thanks to the positive PR, which comes alongside the crew’s presence.


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